6 Key Office Hygiene Hazards

Studies have shown that typical desk can support up to 10 million bacteria, 400 times more germs than that hosted by the average toilet seat. What are the major office hygiene hazards lurking around the workplace? Read this article to find out.

1. Workstations


The affinity of germs for workstations has been very well documented. One famous study by the University of Arizona found that the typical workstation is a breeding ground for bacteria. The study found that germ levels tend to peak right after lunchtime and the most cleaning the typical desk obtained was an occasional dusting. Professional services for office cleaning in Sydney are one of the best ways to help ensure office hygiene and keep germ levels low.

Telephones, desktops, keyboards, and computer mice were all found to have more germs than the average toilet seat. These can all contribute adversely to the health of staff in the office, increasingly the number of sick days and lowering productivity.

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How to Improve Air Quality at the Office

The average Australian spends as much as 90 per cent of their time indoors. Indoor air quality is generally recognised to be a safety and health issue. Australia’s CSIRO estimated in 1998 that poor indoor air quality may cost businesses as much as $12 billion per year in Australia alone. The US’s EPA has often ranked indoor air pollution in the top five environmental risks to public health. For workplaces where staff health is linked with productivity, indoor air quality is a very important issue as it can contribute to comfort and health.

Key Contributing Factors to Indoor Air Quality

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3 Golden Rules for Office Hygiene

Most people spend 40 hours or more at the office every week, and so poor hygiene practises at the office can lead to illness and employee discomfort. Making the office a pleasant place to be can support productivity and boost morale, which can positively affect the organisation’s culture and profitability. These are thee golden rules for hygiene at the office.

1. Regular Cleaning


Dirty carpets can set off allergic reactions and lead to headaches, rashes, coughing, fatigue, and other disruptive symptoms. Regular vacuuming is one of the best ways to keep the level of dust mites, pollen, and other allergens in office carpets under control. Professional services for office cleaning in Sydney can usually integrate a thorough vacuuming procedure into their cleaning routine.

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Five Step Checklist for Choosing Industrial Spaces

Just like any commercial, office, or retail space, industrial spaces come in all shapes and sizes. It’s advisable to take your time in choosing a site which will suit your long term needs, whether you’re buying or leasing. Once you’ve found a great site, it’s time for a thorough cleanup. For industrial and commercial cleaning Sydney will provide you with plenty of choice, so do find a company that’ll match your stringent cleaning needs.


One of the key considerations to look for first is location. Most cities will have dedicated industrial suburbs and seeking these out is a great start. Depending on your industry, you might find it advantageous to be located close to airports, ports, rail services, or other transport hubs and routes. Check for future road or infrastructure development plans across the suburbs that may affect your business. Minimise freight costs and travelling times by strategically choosing your location.
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Six Ways to Massively Boost Retail Sales

Whether it’s due to a seasonal slump or changing consumption patterns, a decline in retail sales can be remedied. Use these proven techniques to boost your retail sales and keep customers coming back.


A retail space should be absolutely clean and pleasant to visit. Ensuring that your shop is free of dust and grime isn’t just an aesthetic consideration, it sends a clear message to customers that your products are valuable enough to be stocked in a luxurious and spotless setting. Customers will also make judgements about your brand, your products, and your attitude towards quality from hygiene standards. When it comes to commercial cleaning Sydney has some excellent professional cleaning companies and it’s worth spending time to find a service that’s committed to the highest standards of sanitation.
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Five Factors for Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality

For restaurants, hotels, pubs and other hospitality businesses, customer satisfaction can hinge on a wide range of things. Client loyalty can be built through customer satisfaction. Beyond providing a good product, your service delivery can make the difference between an average or great experience. These are five top drivers of customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry.

1. Cleanliness

While customers who make purchasing decisions on price alone are likely to shop around each time they buy, customer loyalty is based on things other than price. A 2011 survey released by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies found that a large proportion (43 per cent) of hotel guests found cleanliness to be the top priority when choosing accommodation. Cleanliness was valued over pricing, location, and security in the survey. This result is likely to apply equally across the hospitality industry. To ensure a great customer experience, restaurant, pub, and bar managers should implement a stringent cleaning schedule. For professional hospitality and commercial cleaning Sydney has a lot of companies that may vary in quality so it essential to use an organisation that understands how important attention to detail and cleanliness is to your business reputation.
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Six Secrets of Successful Hospitality Businesses

The hospitality business is a dynamic industry with lots of great potential. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant or another hospitality business, you can make use these simple but powerful tips to boost your earning power and achieve your long term business goals. From having sufficient working capital, to good cleaning practices, such as using commercial cleaning Sydney services, these are the secrets to long term success in the hospitality industry.

Research the Market

Researching the marketing and forming a clear business plan is central to knowing where you’re going and planning for the future.

Tips for research:
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Tips for Designing High Sales Retail Spaces

Retail spaces can inspire and connect with the shopper’s imagination. A good location will generate foot traffic but a good retail space captures the attention of passersby, shows the customer why the product desirable or useful, and helps them make a positive choice on the product. No matter the type of product, retail spaces should communicate a coherent image to shoppers who are passing through the space and inspire faith and interest in the product. From creating a good brand to maintaining cleanliness standards by, for example, using commercial cleaning Sydney services

Brand or Concept Focus

Retail spaces should communicate a well-thought out brand or concept to the passerby. Many different factors can go into the overall picture your space presents to the world:
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Four Tips for Effective Industrial Workplaces

Industrial workplaces require special attention. Often, they can be places of consider noise and air pollution, creating discomfort and even sickness among workers who operate potentially dangerous equipment. Other than meeting the legal obligations for occupation health and safety standards, ensuring that your industrial workplace is a safe and pleasant space for workers can lead to better morale. It can also reduce staff sickness and costs for your business. From using commercial cleaning Sydney services for cleanliness to maintaining good air quality and a comfortable temperature, these practical tips will help you create a comfortable and successful workplace.

1. Lighting

Lighting can be crucial to safety and effectiveness of your workers. Dimly lit areas or corners, a lack of emergency lighting or signage in the case of power failure – these are just some of the causes of serious workplace accidents.
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Five Steps to Great Conference Room Setup

Great meeting rooms facilitate productivity, the development of new ideas, and enhance communication. Physical spaces matter. It’s much easier to be energised and motivated in a pleasant environment than one that drains energy and creativity. Conference and meeting rooms should be visually appealing to the eye and comfortable for all occupants. From layout shape and equipment to good maintenance practices such as using commercial cleaning Sydney services, these are the key steps to setting up a conference room that will have everyone getting excited getting together and sharing ideas.

1. Layout Shape

Have you thought about the layout of your conference room? How will occupants move around and share their ideas? Think about how the layout structure will enhance the use of audiovisual equipment. Layout shapes can be changed for different events
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