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5 Secrets to Improving Customer Satisfaction

Studies have suggested that it can cost many times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing customer. In some industries, existing customers tend to spend much more than new customers. Hence, knowing how to make customers happy can both save your business money and generate more sales. These are five secrets to improving customer satisfaction in any business.

1. Presentation

Presentation is vital in service industries and retail and hospitality spaces, where the customer interfaces directly with staff members on your premises. As such, it’s important to ensure your venue is presented in the best possible light. Profession services for retail or office cleaning in Sydney (or in your city) can ensure that you present the best possible image to your customers.

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Five Factors for Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality

For restaurants, hotels, pubs and other hospitality businesses, customer satisfaction can hinge on a wide range of things. Client loyalty can be built through customer satisfaction. Beyond providing a good product, your service delivery can make the difference between an average or great experience. These are five top drivers of customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry.

1. Cleanliness

While customers who make purchasing decisions on price alone are likely to shop around each time they buy, customer loyalty is based on things other than price. A 2011 survey released by the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies found that a large proportion (43 per cent) of hotel guests found cleanliness to be the top priority when choosing accommodation. Cleanliness was valued over pricing, location, and security in the survey. This result is likely to apply equally across the hospitality industry. To ensure a great customer experience, restaurant, pub, and bar managers should implement a stringent cleaning schedule. For professional hospitality and commercial cleaning Sydney has a lot of companies that may vary in quality so it essential to use an organisation that understands how important attention to detail and cleanliness is to your business reputation.
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Six Secrets of Successful Hospitality Businesses

The hospitality business is a dynamic industry with lots of great potential. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant or another hospitality business, you can make use these simple but powerful tips to boost your earning power and achieve your long term business goals. From having sufficient working capital, to good cleaning practices, such as using commercial cleaning Sydney services, these are the secrets to long term success in the hospitality industry.

Research the Market

Researching the marketing and forming a clear business plan is central to knowing where you’re going and planning for the future.

Tips for research:
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Hospitality hygiene: 9 signs premises aren’t up to standard

Eating at restaurants, cafes or pub bistros makes for a great night out, but you can’t always be certain the venue you’re attending is keeping adequate standards of hygiene. These days, many commercial and office cleaning companies regularly service restaurants to keep standards of cleanliness high, but this is not the only concern; if a restaurant isn’t using safe food practices, bacteria can easily be spread leading to one or more of your dining party getting food poisoning. Here are 9 signs that should be seen as red flags that a restaurant might not be up to scratch.
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OH&S Concerns for Hospitality Spaces

In any workplace, much is made of the importance of safe conduct, hygiene and following proper procedures. Nowhere is this more crucial than in the hospitality industry. Working with people’s food in particular is an area in which there is no room for mistakes or sloppy personal cleanliness, which is why there are such strict OH&S guidelines in place to protect both the staff and the consumers in this industry. Ensuring your business adheres to OH&S industry standards is something that should be given a lot of respect, and includes taking actions such as investing in a good commercial cleaning service or cleaning equipment, making sure staff are trained in hospitality OH&S, and enforcing rules and regulations stipulated by the department. Here are a few identified risk areas in the hospitality industry and advice on how to avoid hazards.

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