7 Proven Strategies for Revitalising Your Pub or Cafe

A new menu, a fresh of coat of paint, or some new design elements can lift the ambiance of any dining venue and bring in the customers. In this article, we look at seven proven strategies for revitalising your pub or café business and boosting customer numbers.

Lighten Up the Space

Give your venue a facelift with a fresh coat of paint, new lightening, furniture, or a complete design overhaul. A thorough clean can also brighten up the space and make it a pleasant place to be. Professional services for hospitality or office cleaning in Sydney or your local area can provide advice on a regular cleaning and maintenance strategy.


Hygiene standards can have customers coming back – or have them vow to never return. Good hygiene standards reflect a commitment to customer service and respect for customer health and safety. Enforce strict hygiene policies for every space in your business. Whether it’s hospitality or end of lease cleaning Sydney has some excellent service companies, making it easy for busy proprietors to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

Introduce an Alfresco Space

Alfresco spaces can bring in the customers, even in winter. Most customers love the novelty of sitting out in the open and being able to choose to shift indoors if necessary.

  • Unused spaces. If you have an unused courtyard on your premises, consider turning it into an attractive alfresco space for drinking and meals.
  • Weather. Provide awning for very hot days and outdoor heaters for colder seasons.

Comfortable Seating

Rickety chairs and wobbly tables are not only uncomfortable, they can make it difficult to drink or eat. Comfortable seating can send signals about the quality and reliability of your venue. Providing a variety of seating options, such as the bar, tables, or the outdoors, can enable your pub or café to cater for all group sizes that are looking for a novel experience.

Design a New Menu

A new menu can liven up your venue and bring in new options for customers. Some useful menu tips include:

  • Food descriptions. Many pubs and cafes use simple food descriptions, but a descriptive menu can be incredibly enticing to diners, who won’t need to constantly ask staff about what’s in each dish. Do ensure that the food meets the expectations created by the menu.
  • Internet access. If you don’t have a website, it’s a good idea to get one. More and more consumers are looking online before making purchase decisions. To capture these leads, make your menu accessible online.
  • Provide good value. Set lunch or dinner specials during weekdays are an excellent way to bring in more customers.
  • Break up your menu. If you have a large menu, break your menu into manageable sections to make every dish easy to find.

Live Music and Events

For pubs, live music and event nights can boost customer numbers. Find great bands that are sure to appeal to your target market, and hold special event nights such as quiz nights to generate interest.

Build Ambiance

Ambiance is an often cited reason of returning customers. Building ambiance isn’t always straightforward, but attractive décor, good lighting, friendly staff, and excellent food can all contribute to a great ambiance.

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