6 Essential Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Office

As the new year arrives, there’s no better time to spring clean your office. A clean, de-cluttered office can be a strong morale booster, helping businesses welcome in the new year with a fresh new working environment. These are six essential tips for spring cleaning your office. Services for office cleaning in Sydney or your local area can simplify the process on your behalf and ensure that your office is of professional standard cleaning quality.

Cleaning Workstations

The entire workstation should be wiped down and disinfected.

  • Computers, mice, and phones. Computer keyboards, mice, and telephones are some of the most germ-prone spots in the entire office, outranking toilets for bacteria levels.
  • Desks. De-clutter desk areas, ensuring that desktops are free of old files, memos, or other rarely used objects. Tidy away pens and stationery by using stationery holders. Use filing cabinets and IN/OUT trays to organise paperwork.
  • Floors. If you’ve been using your floors as a storage space, now is a good time for clearing these out. Using filing cabinets for storage files and stow other items on appropriate shelving or in drawers.

Windows and Doors

Over time, windows, doors, and handles can accumulate grime and bacteria. Windows and doors should be wiped down with disinfectant solution. If you’re in a tall building, leave the outside of the windows to the dedicated window cleaners.

Storage Areas

A spring clean can do a lot of good for organisations with lots of paper files, food cupboards, or stock storage areas. Again, de-clutter your storage area, throwing out files and old stock that no longer needs to be retained.

This may be a good time for management to consider digitising files or re-arranging old storage systems to make them more space efficient, for example, by introducing new storage shelving and furniture.

Communal Areas

Communal areas can always benefit from good cleaning. Wipe down fridges, microwaves, ovens, and other shared equipment. Spring cleaning time can be another excuse to upgrade the furniture and décor in communal areas.

Office Equipment

It’s easy to forget the printer or photocopier during a spring clean, but when was the last time that shared office equipment received a thorough cleaning?

Wipe down printers, scanners, copiers, faxes, and any mobile devices. Board rooms or meeting room equipment and furniture may also need extra attention.


Restrooms will usually receive plenty of cleaning throughout the year, but a spring clean should incorporate your restrooms. Your organisation may opt to update dryers, soap dispensers, and other hygiene facilities along with a good spring clean. It’s useful to note that services for commercial or end of lease cleaning in Sydney or your local area can assist with cleaning any element in your office.

Introducing Simple Changes

Staff members always appreciate efforts to make the workplace more comfortable and hygienic. As such, a spring clean for the New Year can be an excellent chance for managers to introduce new facilities around the workplace. These can include hygiene wipes and disinfecting hand cleaning solutions.

Businesses may consider introducing a dishwasher policy for the kitchen, or a clean desk policy for the new year. All of these simple changes can encourage good hygiene standards, which in turn can enhance morale, reduce sick days, and improve productivity.

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