5 Secrets to Improving Customer Satisfaction

Studies have suggested that it can cost many times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing customer. In some industries, existing customers tend to spend much more than new customers. Hence, knowing how to make customers happy can both save your business money and generate more sales. These are five secrets to improving customer satisfaction in any business.

1. Presentation

Presentation is vital in service industries and retail and hospitality spaces, where the customer interfaces directly with staff members on your premises. As such, it’s important to ensure your venue is presented in the best possible light. Profession services for retail or office cleaning in Sydney (or in your city) can ensure that you present the best possible image to your customers.

Along with maintaining good hygiene standards by using services for commercial or end of lease cleaning in Sydney (or elsewhere), design, lighting, and furniture can all enhance presentation.

2. Fast Response Time

Time is a major concern for everyone, whether purchasing a product or service. Most customers will appreciate it if your business can provide a quick response time to queries and turnaround time for delivery.

Set up effective communication systems in your organisation, and regularly audit customer service response times to audit customer response times.

An easy way to visualise the customer service process for your business is to use what’s known as a customer chain, which maps out each stage of the customer service process from initial query to after sales service. The manager can set the desired response time for each stage and communicate these to staff members in respective departments.

3. Personalise Their Experience

In industries where you’re not competing purely on price, adding to the customer’s experience can be the crucial factor in improving customer satisfaction. How that is achieved will depend on your product or service:

  • Service industries. In a service industry, such as a law firm or accounting practice, personal attentiveness and genuine interest in the customer’s needs can boost their experience.
  • Technical products. If you provide technical products and services, it’s often worthwhile to provide plenty of pre-sales and after-sales support.
  • Hospitality industries. In hospitality industries, customer satisfaction can be improved by providing a unique experience, value for money, and/or excellent customer service.

4. Managing Expectations

Managing expectations is a vital part of enhancing customer satisfaction. Maintain transparency, deliver what you promise, build trust, and keep customers educated about your product and service. Highlight to staff the need to encourage realistic expectations to customers.

No business can deliver exactly what is promised 100 per cent of the time: human error, delivery delays, and product faults can all happen. When errors of omissions are made, take the time to explain and provide the customer with a replacement where appropriate.

5. Feedback

Proactively capture feedback from customers, and then act on the feedback that you receive. Surveys, quick follow calls, internet feedback forms – these are some of the most common feedback tools used by businesses. Take feedback seriously as it’s often one of the best ways to find out which adjustments need to be made to improve customer service.

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