5 Proven Strategies for Securing Sydney Rental Property

Sydney’s rental market is the most competitive in Australia. With the latest figures from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales indicating that vacancy rates hovered around 1.4 per cent in November 2011 in the Harbour City, any renter can benefit from boosting their rental property application strategy. While a good rental history and a good history of property maintenance is important (services for end of lease cleaning in Sydney can assist), so is taking a strategic approach to the entire process.

1. Creating a short list

Any sort of property transaction should start with research on the part of the buyer or renter. Good research has a number of benefits:

  • Expectations. Taking time out to look online and in newspapers enables renters to form realistic expectations about the type of properties available within any given budget.
  • Budget. Similarly, good research allows renters to set a realistic budget for the type of property they’re looking for. You’ll also get a clear picture of what you should be paying and when the rent may be above market rates.
  • Location. It’s not just the property itself that should be considered. Renters who have done plenty of research will get an idea of what’s available in different suburbs, and whether that suburb is right for them.

2. Connect with contacts

One strategy that’s too often overlooked by renters is connecting with existing contacts. If you, your friend, or your partner has rented before, find the agent’s details and get in touch with them for a discussion about the type of property you’re looking for. Sometimes your old contacts can introduce you to properties as soon as they hit the listings, so you can put in an application before anyone else.

3. Mid-week inspections

Making time for mid-week inspections can make all the difference. Often properties are open for first inspection on Wednesdays or Thursdays, then a latter inspection on the weekend. If the property is right for you, you’ll be able to get in early before the majority who inspect on weekends.

For popular properties, a mid-week inspection may mean that the property is leased out even before the weekend. Inspecting early will allow you to make a quick decision about whether the property is for you, and hence whether to submit the application quickly.

4. Private inspections

Another strategy is to ask for an individual inspection, something that many renters fail to ask for. Call up the agent directly if you can’t make the inspection time and check whether you can inspect the property at a time suitable for you. The worst outcome is that they simply say no.

Sometimes, online listings are updated slowly, so if you call the agent directly, you’ll also be able to double check that the property is still available before you turn up at a cancelled inspection time.

5. Pre-inspection preparation

In today’s competitive rental market, some applicants have the agent send a copy of the application form and complete the application even before they make the inspection. If they like the property, the renter can simply submit the documents to the agent on the day. For this reason, it’s a good idea to organise your references, deposit, rental ledger, and all other supporting documents before the inspection date.

Once you’ve secured the rental property of your dreams, remember to act in view of establishing a good rental history. Minimising unintentional damage and leaving the property in a good condition are vital, and using Sydney end of lease cleaning services is a good way of ensuring that.

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