4 Novel Tech Strategies for Greening Your Office

Organisations function at their maximum capacity when the workplace is a healthy, clean, and pleasant place to be. Employees are happier and healthier, which in turn encourages better productivity. In the green office, good hygiene and air quality are as important as green practices such as energy conservation and reducing paper wastage. Here, we look at four novel tech strategies for greening you office that you may not have thought about.

1. Use Your Intranet to Encourage Green and Hygiene Policies

Use the office intranet to encourage, highlight, and obtain submissions from staff on how to keep greening your office and enforcing good hygiene habits. Along with communication green and hygiene policies, using professional services for office cleaning in Sydney can assist with ensuring that workplaces meet the highest hygiene standards for health and productivity.

Remember that the intranet – a virtual equivalent of the traditional office noticeboard, induction manuals, and office manuals in the one place – is a wonderful place to bring issues to staff attention and encourage discussion on office policy. If you don’t use an intranet or extranet, emailing a green and hygiene policy around the office is another great way to get the message to staff.

2. Use Open Source Document Programs

Google Docs and other open source document programs are one of the simplest and most practical tech tools for greening your office. There’s no need to even have an account to obtain access to many of these open source document programs; all you need to sign up is a email address to start creating and sharing documents.

These web-based programs reduce paper usage and facilitate telecommuting, which can significantly reduce paper, energy, and overhead costs. You can create word processing documents, presentations, spreadsheets, invoices, receipts, faxes, and just about any other type of office document.

3. Use Web Based Contracts

Sharing and finalising business contracts no longer need to be paper-based tasks.

  • Along with e-commerce sites, e-signature and digital signature document platforms (or software) can allow contracts to be finalised without having to print out a single sheet of the contract
  • Alternatively, scanning and storing contracts as PDF documents can reduce the need to keep multiple copies of the same document. This can help reduce both paper consumption and the need for storage space.

4. High Tech Indoor Air Filtration

Paying attention to air quality adds to the green status of your office, allowing employees to work more productively in a healthy and comfortable environment.

  • Keep air ducts clean and use air purifiers where required are valuable strategies for reducing allergies and asthma.
  • While electronic air filtration options are convenient, there’s no beating the air filters designed by Mother Nature – indoor plants. Self-watering pot plants are a novel idea for busy offices. These high-tech pots are connected to Ethernet jacks and programmed to tweet you a message when the plant requires watering.

Along with these rather high tech solutions, carpets can be kept well vacuumed, ideally by professional cleanings, to reduce dust mites and other pollutants. When it comes to professional services for commercial cleaning, Sydney has providers who are committed to green policies. These policies may include using only natural or biodegradable cleaning products and reducing general wastage during the cleaning process.

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