5 Proven Strategies for Securing Sydney Rental Property

Sydney’s rental market is the most competitive in Australia. With the latest figures from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales indicating that vacancy rates hovered around 1.4 per cent in November 2011 in the Harbour City, any renter can benefit from boosting their rental property application strategy. While a good rental history and a good history of property maintenance is important (services for end of lease cleaning in Sydney can assist), so is taking a strategic approach to the entire process.

1. Creating a short list

Any sort of property transaction should start with research on the part of the buyer or renter. Good research has a number of benefits:

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7 Proven Strategies for Revitalising Your Pub or Cafe

A new menu, a fresh of coat of paint, or some new design elements can lift the ambiance of any dining venue and bring in the customers. In this article, we look at seven proven strategies for revitalising your pub or café business and boosting customer numbers.

Lighten Up the Space

Give your venue a facelift with a fresh coat of paint, new lightening, furniture, or a complete design overhaul. A thorough clean can also brighten up the space and make it a pleasant place to be. Professional services for hospitality or office cleaning in Sydney or your local area can provide advice on a regular cleaning and maintenance strategy.


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6 Essential Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Office

As the new year arrives, there’s no better time to spring clean your office. A clean, de-cluttered office can be a strong morale booster, helping businesses welcome in the new year with a fresh new working environment. These are six essential tips for spring cleaning your office. Services for office cleaning in Sydney or your local area can simplify the process on your behalf and ensure that your office is of professional standard cleaning quality.

Cleaning Workstations

The entire workstation should be wiped down and disinfected.

  • Computers, mice, and phones. Computer keyboards, mice, and telephones are some of the most germ-prone spots in the entire office, outranking toilets for bacteria levels.
  • Desks. De-clutter desk areas, ensuring that desktops are free of old files, memos, or other rarely used objects. Tidy away pens and stationery by using stationery holders. Use filing cabinets and IN/OUT trays to organise paperwork.
  • Floors. If you’ve been using your floors as a storage space, now is a good time for clearing these out. Using filing cabinets for storage files and stow other items on appropriate shelving or in drawers.

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5 Secrets to Improving Customer Satisfaction

Studies have suggested that it can cost many times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing customer. In some industries, existing customers tend to spend much more than new customers. Hence, knowing how to make customers happy can both save your business money and generate more sales. These are five secrets to improving customer satisfaction in any business.

1. Presentation

Presentation is vital in service industries and retail and hospitality spaces, where the customer interfaces directly with staff members on your premises. As such, it’s important to ensure your venue is presented in the best possible light. Profession services for retail or office cleaning in Sydney (or in your city) can ensure that you present the best possible image to your customers.

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6 Ways to Increase Retail Business Competitiveness

Retail businesses thrive when great location and premises meet with effective sales and lead generation techniques. In this article, we look at the top six ways to boost your retail business competitiveness.

1. Maintain Attractive Premises

Retail spaces that have that extra bit of magic enhance the customer’s buying experience and entice new customers. Maintain attractive, well cleaned premises. Along with great design and updating your displays on a regular basis, services for commercial cleaning in Sydney and elsewhere can help you with keeping premises sparkling clean.

2. Customer Analysis

Find out more about your customers and local demographics to maximise sales. A thorough customer analysis can help you make more targeted marketing strategies. Your product line may lend itself well to certain sectors in your local area.

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A – Z Hygiene Guide for Food Businesses

Most food businesses need to have in place food safety policies and provide adequate training and supervision for food handlers in order to fulfil legal requirements for food standards in your state or territory. Regular use of services for commercial cleaning in Sydney and elsewhere can also help with putting high hygiene standards into practice. Use this quick guide to develop great hygiene policies and practices in your business.

Food Safety Policies

Food can either delight and nourish us or make us sick, depending on how it’s handled and prepared. Develop clear guidelines for every stage of the process, including food preparation, storage, transport, and handling. Some key food safety policies may cover the following:

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Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Computer

Without regular and effective cleaning, your computer and the surrounding workstation area can be one of the most germ-prone areas in the office. Bacterial and virus build-up can lead to the spread of infectious diseases, while dust and food crumbs can interfere with your electronics. Fortunately, it’s easy to stay healthy and hygienic whether you’re working at home or at the office by following this guide to cleaning your PC.

Why Clean Your PC?

Studies have found that poor levels of hygiene is commonplace in the workplace, with desks, computer keyboards, phones, and screens harbouring the highest levels of bacteria of anywhere in the office – including the restroom. While services for commercial cleaning in Sydney and elsewhere can assist with a regular and thorough cleaning schedule, users can also help keep their equipment germ-free with an occasional cleaning session.

How to Clean Your PC

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7 Smart Health Tips for the Office

As we spend much of our waking hours at the office, it makes sense to incorporate health and fitness into your daily office routine. Even the busiest person can follow these seven practical smart health tips to significantly improve their comfort and health during the work day.

Tip 1: Keep Your Workstation Clean

It’s been well-documented that the average workstation is home to more germs than a typical toilet seat. Along with using disinfectant wipes on keyboards and desk surfaces, professional services for office cleaning in Sydney can ensure that your workplace is thoroughly disinfected.

Tip 2: Make Use of Stretch Breaks

Stretching is a great way to get the blood flowing even in space-constrained areas. Stretching can:

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6 Tips for Workplace Cold and Flu Prevention

Colds and flu are passed very easily from person to person in the absence of preventative measures. The cold and flu season tends to run from May to September in Australia. When it arrives, workplaces can play host to the transmission of colds and flu between staff. Luckily, easy preventative measures can be taken to reduce the chances of colds spreading. These are six practical ways to prevent the spread of viruses in your workplace.

1. Keeping the Workplace Clean

People with cold are the most contagious during the first two to three days of contracting the cold. Those with the flu are immediately contagious and for five days after being infected. Ensuring that the workplace is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected is a sound basis for building your strategy for prevention. Services for office cleaning in Sydney and elsewhere can assist with regular and professional standard cleaning.

2. Handwashing Practices

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4 Novel Tech Strategies for Greening Your Office

Organisations function at their maximum capacity when the workplace is a healthy, clean, and pleasant place to be. Employees are happier and healthier, which in turn encourages better productivity. In the green office, good hygiene and air quality are as important as green practices such as energy conservation and reducing paper wastage. Here, we look at four novel tech strategies for greening you office that you may not have thought about.

1. Use Your Intranet to Encourage Green and Hygiene Policies

Use the office intranet to encourage, highlight, and obtain submissions from staff on how to keep greening your office and enforcing good hygiene habits. Along with communication green and hygiene policies, using professional services for office cleaning in Sydney can assist with ensuring that workplaces meet the highest hygiene standards for health and productivity.

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